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LAUNCH Employment ServicesEmployment Services

At LAUNCH Employment Services, we offer customized employment supports for individuals on the autism spectrum and related disabilities. Our services provide meaningful, creative, and individualized job development and support that matches a client's talent and interests to the right career. The end goal is always to secure long-term and gainful employment.

We have created a win-win opportunity for both clients and businesses. Providing various job services, we can offer people varying levels of support to create long-term positive outcomes.

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Supported Employment

Supported Employment GraphicSupported employment is a unique employment service for individuals with disabilities who require ongoing support services to succeed in competitive employment. LAUNCH Employment Services helps clients become employed in their community by using services such as consultation and follow-up to promote employment stability.

Employment Services

Employment Services GraphicEmployment services assists individuals in preparing for, securing, maintaining, or retaining employment, and to assure satisfaction of the employer and individual. Services could include employer contacts, job analysis and modifications, support in job seeking and retention skills, job development and follow-up activities until job stabilization occurs.

On-The-Job Training

On-The-Job Training GraphicOn-the-job training is a service that matches individuals with employers who are willing to take on a worker and train them in a specific job. The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation will provide the employer reimbursement for wages while the worker is learning the job with the goal of the employer hiring the person after he or she masters the job.

Discovery/Customized Employment

Discovery/Customized Employment GraphicDiscovery/Customized Employment is for individuals who require a more in-depth route to define areas of strength and interest to focus their employment outcome. We gather information from the job seeker in various settings and from people who know the job seeker well. We determine the job seeker's interests, skills, and preferences as they relate to potential employment and develop a customized job. This is a process that is designed to individualize the work tasks and relationship between a job seeker and the employer so that both of their needs are met.

Pre-Placement Training

Pre-Placement Training GraphicAs a vendor of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). We offer 20 hours of Work Readiness/Pre-Placement Training WR/PPT in-person and virtual. We can accept referrals from VR on an ongoing basis. Pre-Placement Training is open to all ages.

Accessing Our Services

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) can help you understand the options available to find, get or keep a better job. As a vendor of VR, our clientele come to us via referrals from their system.

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